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Grace Kicha, pastor, teacher, Musician, international evangelist, inspirational figure, a woman of God. Known for her profound and dynamic Bible teaching, she is Pastor of All Nation Prayer Worship Center Los Angeles California.  Transcending socioeconomic and denominational barriers, her powerful message of Grace resonates among people from every walk of life

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Small Beginnings

Born into an African Traditional Family in Africa- Cameroon

She accepted the Lord Jesus at age of 14. Her ministry started early enough at Zion Baptist church with her foundation of the children’s ministry with the help of her mentor Mrs Kimbi Frida. She continues in the ministry of the word during her university year in Dschang with the Campus for Christ as the coordinator. She graduated from the University of Dschang with BSC in Geography and environmental management. Her life became shattered in her early days in the University, when her father refused to accept her bride price and vowed never to see the husband. She stood her course as she was convinced that God has called her into ministry with her then to be husband.  Against odds, she got married without the consents of her father.She served as a pastor’s wife at Bearean Baptist church Kumba. She later went to the seminary in CBTS Ndu to gain biblical knowledge to support her husband and the calling upon her life as a minister. In 2007 she had admission to study in the united state of America at the International Theological seminary in California. She obtained her THM and Doctorate degree and is working in the school as a registrar. Her passion for ministry is fulfilled as she direct Gods servant in their training. She is co pasturing with her husband at All Nation Prayer Worship Center California. She is a profound inspirational speaker and gospel music minister.

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